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Aviara Stories and Case Studies


Chloe After (2)-min
7 year-old patient with underdeveloped jaw and crowding. She underwent Phase I Facial Development Therapy and her growth was monitored with night time appliance until all her permanent teeth erupted. She was able to accommodate all of her adult teeth without extraction. Phase II Orthodontic Therapy also helped to correct minor rotations of her teeth.


Dane before-min
Dane after-min
8 year-old patient with severe migraines and pain in his left jaw, underdeveloped jaw and crowding. After Phase I treatment, he is now symptom free and his jaw is large enough to accommodate all of his adult teeth. Phase II Orthodontic Therapy will complete cosmetic alignment of his permanent teeth.


Zanoria, Franchesca Before 2-min
Zanoria Franchesca Progress Phase I 2-min
7 year-old patient with underdeveloped jaw, crowding, tethered oral tissue and 2 missing permanent front lower teeth. Phase I Facial Development Therapy included labial and lingual frenuloplasty and Myofunctional Therapy. Her jaw is now large enough to accommodate all of her adult teeth, including the 2 missing adult teeth. Her growth is being monitored prior to Phase II Orthodontic Therapy.


Lynsie Before-min
Lynsie After 2-min
6 year-old patient with underdeveloped upper jaw and midface with an underbite (anterior crossbite). She underwent Phase I Facial Development Therapy and her growth was monitored with night time appliance until all permanent teeth erupted. All her adult teeth were accommodated without extraction, jaw surgery or braces.

Kim A.

It’s important for me as a mom to share the experience and gratitude I have for

Dr. Katherine Ahn Wallace.  She truly changed my son’s smile while more importantly leaving him symptom-free of headaches, clenching, grinding and waking up throughout the night.

As a mom seeing your son at age 7 go through such discomfort, complaining of headaches, hearing him grind his teeth at night and at times sleep walking was a difficult thing to watch him endure.
As his baby teeth would fall out his permanent adult teeth were coming in crooked, overlapping each other and crowding his mouth.  I discovered that his palate was not developed enough and needed to be expanded to allow room for his teeth.  She explained that this is often caused by bottle feeding and pacifier use, both of which apply to my son.   Dr Ahn used various appliances to develop and guide the growth of his jaw. Her knowledge and artistic eye for detail allowed her to create a complete, perfect

smile for my son.

My son was always excited for his follow up appointments because Dr Ahn and her staff made the process and experience extremely comfortable.

He is now 12 years old with straight teeth and a wide, bright smile, and he confidently smiles all the time; he receives compliments often on what a nice smile he has. From a health perspective, his airway is no longer obstructed, he no longer clenches and grinds his teeth and he now sleeps soundly.

Thank you Dr Ahn for being such a big part in Dane’s life. Creating his beautiful smile, opening his palate, and allowing him to be symptom-free of headaches and discomfort.

Forever grateful to you,

Lisa C.

Before I started my treatment with Dr Ahn I suffered from frequent migraines and waking up several times a night.  After completing my treatment, my migraines are gone and now I finally sleep through the night and wake up feeling rested. All my 3 boys have also started the treatment and it’s truly a revolutionary process the boys are going through to fix their bite, jaw structure, breathing, airway and with all the change the boys have not complained about any pain or discomfort. The treatment is slowly progressive so it’s virtually painless but the results are amazing. I am so thankful for Dr Ahn and her staff for taking care of my family’s health and making us look more beautiful in the process.

Mai Z.

I was looking for a dentist to improve my smile with veneers and found Dr Ahn.  I had fairly straight teeth from previous orthodontics but my teeth were worn from many years of grinding my teeth.

Dr Ahn completed a thorough examination and asked detailed questions about my overall health.  I shared with her that I was experiencing neck and jaw pain in addition to tingling and numbness in  my left arm extending to my pinkie and ring finger.  She explained how the pressure from my grinding and clenching can contribute to the large tori (bone growing under my tongue) and muscular pain.  She outlined a comprehensive plan to address my TMJ symptoms and correct my bite. Over the next 18 months I had myofunctional therapy, expansion of my upper and lower jaw and finally clear aligners to align my teeth into to the new healthier jaw position. In addition, she removed the extended fascia under my lips and untethered my tongue.  I am thankful to say that the tingling and numbness are gone, I don't wake up with headaches or jaw aches in the mornings. I also found neck pain relief from the therapy that included laser therapy.  I am excited to say that we will be finally moving to complete the veneer work 18 months post consultation to complete my smile that will be built on a more stable foundation.

Amanda I

I sought Dr. Ahn’s help when I couldn’t find relief for my migraines from any other source - ER visits, daily chiropractic visits, acupuncture, Botox, diet changes, you name it, I tried it to get relief from my oppressing condition. My dentist referred me to Dr. Ahn, thinking maybe she could help, and that my jaw and bite might be the issue. Starting my treatment with Dr. Ahn was the best choice I could have made for my health and happiness. Within 4 weeks of starting treatment, some pressure on my jaw was relieved and I went from having 5-10 migraines monthly, to 5 in the past 3 years. I am breathing better and functioning without the fear of triggering a migraine. I am more aware of how the balance of my jaw affects my whole body and health from her lessons. As a result of Dr. Ahn’s treatment, I will have a wider palate and perfect smile at the end, but the real triumph is my migraine free days and finding the solution that no one else could. So incredibly happy that my journey led me to Dr. Ahn and her caring, wholistic treatment of my jaw and total health.

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