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Meet Paula Torres

A native Californian, Paula Torres began a rewarding career, culminating 37 years, as a  Registered Dental Hygienist where she continues to pursue her passion by helping patients achieve excellent oral health and confident smiles. Paula’s many years of experience within clinical practices has spurred her desire to move beyond preventive hygiene and oral alignment, to help address the importance of an interdisciplinary approach, working hand-in-hand with like minded, airway oriented professionals to get the best outcomes for her clients health by integrating Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy. With her new skillset, she focuses on the functions of the orofacial muscles and Obstructive Sleep Apnea to help improve overall wellness.  


Paula Torres joined the Aviara Team of Professionals in June, 2020 and has already become a valuable and delightful addition. Her passion aligns with the interdisciplinary philosophy here at Aviara, by recognizing the functional approach to breathing and wellness is key to one's overall health by establishing harmonious muscle function and craniofacial development. Paula understands the many facets of incorrect muscle patterns of oral function and engages patients of all ages, with a robust Myofunctional Therapy program ,to get the best outcomes for our clients, to achieve better airways, better sleep, dry nights, clear speech and functional chewing. 


Paula sensed this passion while providing routine oral health care. Engaging to further her education, she realized the wide range of roles that orofacial myofunctional disorders play in airway, and dentofacial growth and development.  Her desire to dig deeper into her patients symptoms like hostile tongues and incompetant lips as well as how habits influence facial growth, oral function, occlusal relationships , facial esthetics and the many dysfunctions, including TMJ, has brought us all here collaboratively,to address the importance of proper oral rest posture and its impact on the airway and growth. 


Appreciating a motto of, “we don't know ,what we don’t know”, keeps Paula alert and growing with our amazing interdisciplinary team. 


Filling Paula’s moments outside of patient care, is her dedication to loved ones, grandkids, and friends, but also to a caretaking role for her elderly father.  Her soul food is a platter of outdoor activities seeking adventure on rivers, lakes, and visiting lands domestic as well as foreign. She often finds herself engaging in a regular practice of reformer Pilates and pickleball, all of which inspire her toward her goal of personal health,continued growth and joy!

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