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Facial Development Los Alamitos

Facial Development at Aviara Center

Guiding the proper growth and development of the face is the foundation of what we do at Aviara Centers. This is critical not only for the formation of an open, stable airway, but also in establishing the correct framework for a beautiful face and smile. Like good architecture, one cannot have a solid, beautiful house without a level foundation and strong, symmetrical frame.

Our focus is to identify and treat improper function and growth patterns in children while they are still young preferably before age 8. Although it is possible to address the issues in adults who are well beyond their growth and development years, the best outcomes are obtained by early treatment.

Man experiencing jaw pain.
Focuses include:
ALF (Advanced Lightwire Functional) Appliance · Advanced Growth Guidance / Osseo-Restoration Appliance · Myobrace + Myofunctional Therapy · Functional Frenuloplasty (Laser Assisted)

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