two young girls with bracesYou probably think about orthodontics as a way to straighten teeth for a more attractive smile. What you may not know is that the way your mouth’s bones are shaped greatly impacts comfort in oral function, as well as breathing. If a mouth is not properly shaped, breathing may be slightly or significantly affected. At Aviara Centers, our dentists focus on both form and function – how a smile looks and how a mouth works, for eating and breathing – with orthodontics.

The best time to address growth and development of the facial bones is in childhood, before the age of 8. During these early years, bones are in a growth phase, so they’re more easily guided than those of an older patient, whose bones are not actively developing.

With that said, we can help patients of any age enjoy better breathing, and better sleep, with our airway treatment methods. Check out some of our patient stories here!

Let’s explore these points:

  • Why should you choose Aviara?
  • What is craniofacial pain and do you have it?
  • Why is airway structure so important?
  • Is snoring a serious health problem?

When trying to find an orthodontist, you need to understand the thinking behind the dentist’s philosophy and treatment methods so that you can decide whether he or she is the right choice for you – or for your children.

Why choose Aviara for my braces?

At our office, a comprehensive ortho plan will:

  • Give you a more attractive smile
  • Eliminate or reduce the need for extractions
  • Deliver jaws and jaw joints that function comfortably – opening, closing, moving side to side with no pain, thus reducing or eliminating the potential for craniofacial pain and TMJ disorder
  • Create balanced occlusion, meaning the upper and lower teeth will fit together properly, reducing the potential for grinding and clenching teeth while sleeping (bruxism)
  • Form an open airway, for healthy breathing, reducing the potential for snoring and sleep-related breathing disorders like OSA
  • Include traditional or alternative orthodontic braces, depending on your case and preferences – we do offer Invisalign and similar options for appropriate cases

What’s craniofacial pain and how can I know if I have it?

This term usually refers to chronic facial, head, and/or neck pain. TMJ, also called TMD, is considered craniofacial pain. Also included in this classification are migraines, face muscle stiffness, earaches, neck pain, upper back pain or tension. If you suffer from any of these types of pain, make an appointment with us. Symptoms include teeth grinding, anxiety and bite problems.

Why is airway structure so important?

Obviously, your airway plays an irreplaceable role in breathing, and breathing is essential for life. If your airway is even partially blocked, your body can’t function at full capacity. When a person does not take in enough oxygen, blood oxygen levels drop causing a condition called hypoxemia. With this condition, you may experience shortness of breath and headaches, as issues with your brain and heart function.

Is snoring a serious health problem?

No. Snoring in itself is the sound made by vibrating soft tissues in the mouth and throat. What we have to look at is why are those tissues vibrating and is breathing inconsistent during sleep. Snoring is the main symptom of many sleep-related breathing disorders. If parts of the mouth and throat that guide air to the trachea are not completely open, the soft tissues around those structures in addition to the structures themselves, contribute to blocking airflow. If breathing stops repeatedly throughout the night, snoring is probably a symptom of a sleep-related breathing disorder. There are various ways to treat this issue, ranging from an appliance to wear while sleeping to orthodontic therapy to surgery. Each case is different.

Choose an ortho that will do more than give you a pretty smile.

If you’re going to invest the time and money into orthodontic treatment, don’t just focus on the surface: how your smile looks. It just makes sense to go with a treatment plan that addresses the entire mouth, rather than just teeth. Call Aviara Centers today to schedule your consultation with one of our dentists.