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Orthdontics at Aviara Center

Nothing is more appealing than a beautiful bright smile! Our focus is on developing dental arches to their full genetic potential to accommodate all the natural teeth whenever possible, as opposed to extracting them. This treatment philosophy promotes optimal function, a healthy airway, and beautiful smiles and faces. Our excellent team of orthodontists and dentists at Aviara Centers will carefully listen to your concerns, present all options available to you – including traditional orthodontics or alternative modalities – and help you make the right choice based on your needs.

Why Orthodontics is Necessary
As a Los Alamitos orthodontist, we find that many children suffer from overcrowding teeth issues, creating the need for our procedures. Overcrowding can cause teeth to grow in incorrect or crooked positions, leading to difficulties as an adult.

Whether from an accident or a lack of oral hygiene, when a baby tooth falls out prematurely, the teeth around it move into the open space. This can cause the shape of the palate to change, taking up the room the adult tooth needs to grow in properly. In the past, many people had their teeth pulled in order to make space for all of their permanent teeth. Now, we can create space in your teeth using a variety of treatment methods.

At Aviara Centers Dental, we also treat patients using orthodontics if their jaw is out of place. This can make it painful to speak, chew and even open one’s mouth. When the bite is off, many people find simple daily activities uncomfortable and seek treatment as a result. In other cases, we provide solutions for teeth that have grown in crooked, even if there was enough space for them. Fortunately, orthodontic treatment can resolve all of these issues.

If you are considering straightening your teeth, there are several ways to do so. Regardless of the option you choose, the concept is virtually the same. The appliance must consistently apply pressure to move the teeth into position. We cannot force teeth into place immediately. There must be slow and consistent pressure in order to ensure that the teeth move without being damaged. Therefore, we do not apply pressure to all of the teeth at the same time. Instead, we apply pressure to specific teeth. An adjustment is made to apply additional force to a different tooth or teeth while holding the other ones in place.

When treating patients throughout Los Alamitos we are cognizant of the importance of continued oral health care. We recommend that patients do a thorough job of regularly brushing and flossing their teeth. This will decrease the risk of cavities and gum disease while receiving orthodontic care.

Once the procedure is over, most patients are required to wear a retainer. Children that straighten their teeth may only need to wear a retainer for a couple of years, whereas adults often find themselves wearing a retainer for life. Ongoing retention ensures that teeth do not move back into their previous position – a risk with any orthodontics treatment.

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Focuses include:
Traditional Orthodontics · Airway-focused Alternative Modalities · Controlled Arch System · Invisalign + Encore Align · SFOT (Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Therapy) · Propel Orthodontic System

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